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Our Projects


In addition to allotting a percentage of funds for the Corey Jones Bronze Memorial, Funds will also be utilized for the production of various cause-related media enterprises, projects, and activities. These include future music/song production (lyrics for two additional songs are written and need to be produced) and (documentary) filmmaking production. 


The RISE-UP campaign creates an exquisitely creative manner, with the added value of poetic justice, in which to not only right the wrongs of the past but to set the public record straight by facing the legitimate ills of the past, that will powerfully and to some degree, commence public recognition of the real lives of the country’s forefathers and most importantly, reuse and repurpose the existing monuments and states that are being “taken down” and placed in storage.

“RISE-UP” — A Historical Reckoning 

The RISE UP campaign will commence the arduous and critical journey of not just recognizing and identifying but righting these social, moral, and civic injustices by reclaiming, recycling, and repurposing these now rightly disgraced, and disgraceful earlier century figures.




This song taps into and articulates the current national sentiment and movement powerfully, and rightly, advocating the removal of Confederate Monuments. To be delivered in a classic hip-hop style delivery, the message of “Confederate Free” traces the injustice, inequalities, and inaccuracies of “slave” history in the United States and the moral compromises and unaddressed realities (read, Truths) of the true nature, character, duplicity, and hypocrisy of the country’s founders.

Sample Lyrics:

You erected statues of men
Of honor, our forefathers
To preserve memory, their 
Character, Integrity, for eternity

Yet, you neglect,
(Till now) the Founders defects
The negative effects
All the people to protect
For slaves (nuthin’ but) disrespect

Sample Chorus:

Despite all the flaws,
That gnawed at the nation
You ignored the truth 
Of this country’s creation (2x)

Corona Criminal: 

Incredibly, the Coronavirus is now proven to have a greater impact on the African American and marginalized communities. This song, lyrics written, and envisioned as a classic “harmonica driven” gutsy, Mississippi Delta style blues song, performed by an “african american” male (in the mind’s-eye setting on the front porch of his home somewhere in “the south”) where a soulful/bluesy delivery expresses the pain and isolation of Covid 19, its impact on a man and wife and commentary on the crazy politics of the day..

Sample Lyrics:

Can’t go nowhere,
that’s the law, 
don’t care what they say, 
ready  to walk out the door,
(head out on my way). 
Wife say, need to stay inside, 
the law (i got) to abide, 
got me too much to lose, 
(Man, I) Got me the Coronavirus blues

Sample Chorus:

Stuck here home
Got nowhere to go
Sick and tired, streaming video
Netflix, Hulu, HBO (2x)

It’s time to go,
Gotta get outta this place,
Going outta my head,
Gotta get outta this place (2x)


Current documentary-style video production includes the following:

“Keeping the Beat Alive,” a Short Corey Jones Film. The 5-minute film is a highly excerpted work produced and edited from hours of footage shot over multiple months.

Jeff Mustard interviewed Corey’s father, Clinton Jones Sr., Corey’s older brother, CJ Jr., sister, Melissa, and Kweku Darfoor, Corey’s childhood friend and attorney who assisted in the initial court proceedings.

The short film captures personal highlights cut along with the initial capture of behind-the-scenes footage photographed during the George Floyd Tribute Song music recording session, “Enough.” Also included are clips from the production of the Music Video.

Future Film/Video Projects

EJS seeks to work with City Governments across the country where there exist Confederate Statues that the cities and its residents desire their removal.

Our creative vision is to assist in the identification of artists/sculptors of national renown and to foster a relationship of the removal of the statues, the repurposing of the figures, and the production of filmmaking to capture the transformation of these statues, whether the statue remains in the originating city OR, if the statue, in a reconstituted form, is moved to another location.