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Ethan Dangerwing


Ethan Dangerwing

The Vulture
Musician | Photographer | Entrepreneur

The Vulture is a musician, photographer, and entrepreneur – a unique combination of talents that offered him many opportunities. He is a cerebral rapper with an in-your-face honesty, bringing social relevance and vocal integrity to the mic with every performance. Based in Delray Beach, he has performed with several local South Florida artists and co-created and fronted the hip-hop band Hello Elevator. The Vulture draws inspiration from various musicians including Outkast, Jay-Z, Mos Def, & Regina Spektor.

Lyrics and Music ARE the ONLY way to accurately, powerfully communicate, and capture the George Floyd incident, and the groundswell of emotions surrounding the needless killings of black men, not just in recent years, but overarchingly to, once and for all, acknowledge that black lives matter and face head-on the painful concept of systemic, institutional racism not just in contemporary America but historically. 
My cousin, Corey, was killed by a plainclothes police officer on October 18th, 2015, while waiting by his disabled car for a tow truck, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The story of black men killed by police officers for no reason, and who do not suffer consequences, must end. Hopefully, now is the Time.
George Floyd’s cruel death, as seen in the soulless eyes of Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Chauvin, as he stared cold-hearted and unflinching, into the cell phone camera taping his complete and total indifference to the heartbreaking pleas of the man, under his knee – crying out in Pain – “I can’t breathe.” Chauvin did not care. He would soon learn, EVERYONE ELSE DID.