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Artist Submission


Equal Justice Studios is engaged in a national search for a sculptor to create the Corey Jones Statue. Below are the “specs” for the project:

Style: Realism

Materials: Negotiable/flexible – presently lending toward metal(s). Although, “mixed media” could/would be considered. 

Environment: This statue will be situated in an outdoor environment – in South Florida. Considerations for heat, sunlight, and a humid, salty atmosphere to be considered. The site location is about 1 mile from the Atlantic Ocean, in Delray Beach, Florida. Specifically, on the periphery of the famous Old School Square Historic Property. 

Figurine Details:  Corey Jones, in real life was 5’11” inches tall. He weighed 165 pounds. As can be seen in photos, he was lean.  

The Current Statue Image:  The present model for the figure/statue has Mr. Jones seated, playing the drums. Music was his passion. He played in many bands and was renowned for his talent as a drummer. 
The current “statue image” is iconic in “his life and the people who know him” and has been seen regularly in media throughout the country concerning his death and the extended high-profile court case that followed. 

Statue Specs:  We envision the following: 

Pedestal:  15” (material/design, flexible/creatively negotiable)

Life Size Figure – 60” – with a single drum between his knees. 

Total Statue Height:  75” (including pedestal)

Site Setting:  We envision the actual site for the statue to be approx 18’ x 18 feet with brick pavers, as seen in the model/example provided.  The actual location will be circle/circular with the Corey Jones Figure at the center. We hope for there to be “half moon” benches (number of benches indeterminate) at the perimeter of the circle. 
Artistic “suggestions” for “seating” are welcome. However, any proposed costs for the “seating” should be apart from the cost of the statue.  

Artists/Sculptors MUST complete this form for consideration.  

On Friday, October 16th, 2020 we are announcing the opening of submissions seeking artists/sculptors for the Corey Jones Memorial Statue.

Timeline: First 30 Days – Oct 18th – Nov. 18th

We anticipate, and hope to create a first draft list of candidates from this initial round of submissions.

November 19th – Short List of Candidates Created.

December 1st – Announcement of “Winning Artist/Sculptor”

Funding: Assuming that the funds are in place, we will be able to make a first tranche deposit payment to the artist (within 30 days of this date).

Timetable/Delivery: The goal is for the sculpture to be completed AND installed in the City of Delray Beach, ready for unveiling on, or around, October 18th, 2021.

Conditions: Artists must be prepared to provide regular video updates of the project. Other conditions will apply and shall be provided to the final awardee.

Paste your resume or CV here.
Your discussion and thoughts about a. The project, and b. The meaning of a Corey Jones Memorial statue within the context of the current status of “race” and “social justice” in the country.