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The George Floyd murder has triggered a revolution in the country. Protest, rallies and marches, the likes of which this nation has not seen, or felt, or been engaged or enraged into public action since the Civil Rights Movement or Vietnam Protests.  The amount of media coverage – print, TV, Radio, Blogs and Podcasts are powerful evidence of our nation’s collective sentiment – “Enough is Enough.” 

The Equal Justice Blog will be a place to host the activities of Equal Justice Studios,  inform  interested parties about progress of our various projects, starting with the first song, “Enough.”  

We are documenting our process of this song production – memorialized in both still images (seen on Gallery) as well as Video Bits, some shot on Cell Phones, others using totally legit high-level pro-level cameras. Some of our material may be raw, unedited and others finessed, polished and finished pieces.  

In all, and in sum, we hope to provide you interesting insights and behind-the-scenes peeks into our journey. Creative endeavors that utilize many people is a fascinating process. I believe that “behind the scenes” is always more interesting, and sometimes even more revealing, than finished, polished pieces. Either way, you’ll get both.