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INSIDE Equal Justice Studios: Frontline – Newsletter

You’re an activist! You’re a no-nonsense realist. You’re literally on the front lines of the country’s social and cultural revolution. Cloaked in black, a bandana wrapped around your face, and seething with anger, no longer paralyzed by frustration, you have become a citizen-soldier, a social justice warrior, pursuing truths and a dogged commitment to upholding principles of justice and equality. Most of all, you are fed up with the injustices you see all around – racism, bigotry, and how people of color are treated -even killed – for no reason. Well, so are we. 

F*#k the Pepper Spray 

You’re not afraid of pepper spray, rubber bullets, or cops on your heels, aiming canisters of tear gas at you, chasing you down a street, threatening to arrest you. Maybe you’ve been poked, prodded, choked, and dragged into a police van. You wear your bruises and aggressive encounters with the police, even your newly minted arrest record, as a badge of honor. You are proudly paying the admission price to support this new cultural movement, a modern-day social revolution, fighting for equality for all. 

You’re Sick and Tired of the BullS*&T

You are fed up with what is going on in this country. You are disgusted by the injustices you see perpetrated with even more frequency in cities across the country. Incidents of racism, bigotry, prejudice is playing out right before our very eyes – regularly. Unnecessary force and extreme violence toward people of color who are even killed for no reason must stop. You want to help. So do we.    

What are we doing about it?

Triggered by the George Floyd murder, and out of anger and frustration, Equal Justice Studios has channeled this energy into creating a media enterprise that will feature, focus and highlight societal injustices, and inexcusable treatment of people of color in our society.

Our Music, Our Message, Our Instrument of Change 

With Equal Justice Studio’s first media project, the George Floyd Tribute Song, titled, “Enough” we have set in motion our mission to create awareness to effect societal change using the power of music, media, and [documentary] filmmaking.

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Be Part of the Solution – Join our Cultural Revolution!

By signing up for Frontline you’ll be among the first to hear about our extraordinary media projects. By We are experiencing a cultural revolution, and you are part of it. Stay in touch, stay informed, be involved, support our efforts (and no need for masks or fear of taking a rubber, or real bullet to defend your ideals).  

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