Check out this video provided by National Civil Rights Attorney and Activist, Mr. Ben Crump. Mr. Crump, Corey Jones attorney, provided Mr. Jeff Mustard and his media enterprise, Equal Justice Studios, with a video on behalf of the effort led by Mr. Mustard seeking to have the City of Delray Beach declare Oct. 18th of every year, commencing in 2020, the 5th Anniversary of the murder of Corey Jones, as Corey Jones Memorial Day.


Capturing History. Empowering Equality. Elevating Humanity.

Equal Justice Studios spearheads various fundraising efforts in light of the George Floyd Murder, the Corey Jones Murder, and the social and equal justice movements the country is currently experiencing. Equal Justice Studios is engaged in fundraising for multiple causes,  as well as other groups/organizations as EJS pursues its mission of seeking to amplify the message of social injustice and raising funds to support causes that seek to “make a difference and enact change.”

Writer/Producer/Director/Lyricist, Jeff Mustard is a South Florida (Delray Beach) based artist. Corey Jones was a well-known, well-liked, and respected artist/musician. There are many personal and professional (artistic) intersects between Mr. Mustard and Corey Jones’s family, namely, primarily, Ethan Dangerwing, a/k/a The Vulture. Witnessing the horrific tape of the George Floyd murder compelled Jeff Mustard to write the song “Enough.” Corey’s cousin, Ethan, The Vulture, a rapper, was immediately drawn to the project providing his exceptional talent and bringing the critical messaging of this vital song to life.  
Corey Jones Memorial Bronze/Sculpture Statue
In addition to raising funds for the groups noted herein, the song will hopefully bring attention to the fundraising efforts for a bronze/sculpture for Corey Jones. Our aim is to promote this project, not only in Delray Beach and South Florida but nationally. Our goal is to collect enough funds to produce a bronze (or a sculpture) of a similar and realistic nature represented in the accompanying pencil sketch artwork of Corey Jones while seated at his drum set.
Objective 1: Raise Funds for Statue

Estimated Amount, Current Budget Projection:  $150,000

Includes Artist Fees, Materials, Shipping, Installation 

Objective 2: The City of Delray Beach has expressed interest in working with Equal Justice Studios in a potential 50/50 matching fundraising effort/campaign. 

Objective 3:   To identify an artist/sculptor – specifically in the field of “metal work” to produce a life-size metal, or bronze, Corey Jones Statue. Ideally, we seek an artist with extensive production/sculpture credits of national renown.

(Click Here to see Artist Submission Form)

Objective 4: Working with City Officials to identify a suitable location for the Corey Jones Memorial Bronze/Sculpture. Currently there is a specific proposed Statue Site Location. This location requires various City Approvals.

Time Frame:  October 18th, 2020 | Corey Jones 5th Anniversary Recognition of his Death
October 16th (Friday) A Live Media Press Conference to be Held at the Delray Beach Arts Garage with the City of Delray Beach Government Officials, Jones Family Members, and high profile personalities will participate.
On this date, we will launch the announcement of the Corey Jones Memorial Statue Fundraising Program.
Announcement by City Officials and/or Civic Entities concerning a proposed location for the memorial. 
Commencement of commission of the artist for the memorial.
A 1 year delivery of the bronze/sculpture.
During the course of this one year, a series of updates will be made – to City/Civic Officials in public forums; b. Video and Still Photography progress of the artist’s work.

(Click Here to see Artist Submission Form)

The Corey Lamar Jones Statue fund is a 501 C 3 Not For Profit Entity Established on behalf of Corey Jones.  Tax Deductible Donations can be made to the following:
The Corey Lamar Jones FoundationATTN: Adner Marcelin
℅ Ben Crump Law, PLLC
122 S. Calhoun Street
Tallahassee, Fl 32301