American Carnage


An Album Four Years in the Making.
It takes guts to “speak truth to power.” 
It’s an entirely different thing to “sing truth to power.”

Jeff Mustard Wrote & Produced a Six Track Album during 2020
The album and the individual song lyrics are “100% Alternate Facts Free.” 
Historically and Factually Accurate, each song tells another tale of the insanity of the Trump administration. 

Consistent with the mission of Equal Justice Studios, the EJS media enterprise is dedicated to amplifying instances of social injustices rampant through our society.  

The first track, dropping in two weeks, “Insurrection” was written earlier in 2020, but the events riots, chaos and insurrection actions of protesters gone wild, on January 6th, have triggered the release of the single now!!! 

The Six-Songs album contains the following tracks.

Insurrection……..……Promo and full track release date – TBA.
Survived 45…………….Promo and full track release date – TBA.
Under the Thumb…..Promo and full track release date – TBA.
Confederate Free……Promo and full track release date – TBA.
Corona Criminal…….Promo and full track release date – TBA.
Corona Blues………….Promo and full track release date – TBA.

“Insurrection” is a female, piano driven solo along the lines of Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys. Written during 2020, the lyrics were revised with a new Pre-Verse Intro inspired by the January 6th “insurrection on the Capitol.” Comprised of four verses, Once Chorus/Hook, and a Bridge, the 323 words song lands at 4:19. Although in the neighborhood of a ballad, the song straddles a pop vibe.

Promo Tracks: Promo Lyric 1 | Promo Lyric 2 | Promo Lyric 3 | Promo Lyric 4 | Promo Chorus